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FAMILY ALBUM 2017 – Various – Boomarm Nation

no eXotik! no turistiK! radioshow, 11.12.2016 on Radio Blau, Leipzig – LISTEN or DOWNLOAD!

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Here`s the final no eXotiK! no turistiK! radioshow in 2016. Exploring the cultural and musical phenomena of all continents. From electronics to folk and beyond.

Following Artists were part of the show:

Gulls (US), Kinshasa (Morocco), Baloji (Belgium), Jupiter Okwess (DRC), Hyperculte (Switzerland), Elza Soares (Brasil), Amanar (Mali), Acid Arab (France), Mabiisi (Burkina Faso/Ghana), Y-Bayani and his Band of Enlightment, Reason and Love (Ghana), Claudio (Some Indian Ocean Island), Clap! Clap! (Italy), Alessandro Mannarino (Italy), Sinkane (US), Shadow (Trinidad), Flamingods (GB), Napo de Mi Amor (Togo), Aimé Orchis Mathey (Togo), Vewonyi DD (Togo), B-Ju & Junis (Ger), Grup Ses (Turkey), Clap! Clap! (Italy)