SCHROOTHOOP – Instruments made from Trash

Geniales Projekt dieses Trio`s aus Brüssel. Musik mit selbstgebauten Instrumenten. Unter dem Video die Liste der Instrumente die sie benutzen.


Washtub bass / double bass
A one-string bass built from a washing line and wash tub. In contrast to some traditional models, a fretboard was added.

Dustbin drum
Drum set based on garbage buckets, plastic wrap, water bottles and scrap metal.

Flutes and clarinets from PVC pipes
Kaval (Bulgarian / Turkish chromatic oblique flute), Sarewa (a pentatonic oblique flute from Niger), Floyera (Greek diatonic oblique flute) and harmonic flutes.

Pentatonic, diatonic and slide clarinet (a combination of clarinet and trombone) based on a saxophone mouthpiece, PVC tubes and a plastic bottle.

PVC pipe tubas
Each tuba is tuned to one musical note, analogous to the use of shells as a musical instrument.

Thumb pianos and marimbulas made out of garden rakes, kitchen knives and steel strapping (= industrial packaging material).

Violin made from tin can, broomstick, fishing wire, coat rack. The raw, abrasive sound is created by the special shape of the bridge, which is built like the one used in the Tromba Marina, a popular instrument from the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Clappers based on plastic bottles, scrap wood and hinges, inspired by the Moroccan castanets from Gnawa music.

A variety of home, garden and kitchen utensils.

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